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The Attack on Evaulon VII: The Bombardment of Rilnais

Last week the New Eden Cluster bore witness to a horrific spectacle. Shortly after 19:30 Yulai Standard Time, on November 29th, a Serpentis Corporation capital ship fleet, supported by Guardian Angel craft, launched a second assault on the Evaulon system, following the departure of Federation reinforcements from the area.

This taskforce landed troops on sovreign Federation territory, seized biological research materials, and bombarded the capital city of the planet, Rilnais, using Moros-class dreadnoughts. More than a quarter of a million planetary citizens died, incinerated by plasma fires.

CONCORD, the organization that preserves stability and safeguards planetary populations from the carnage such as that witnessed a hundred years ago during the Great Wars, was absent from the scene, and have made no official comment after the attack. Indeed, they have offered no help to the local authorities or to the Federation to assist the victims.

In the past month, there have been other attacks as well, perpetrated by other outlaw organizations.

It is clear now that we have entered a dangerous new era, when the interstellar police refuse to respond to the brazen acts of those it has sanctioned.

CONCORD has lost all legitimacy. It has now fallen to us, the capsuleers, and to the Empires, to do what we believe is necessary to protect our people.

In the next few entries I will analyze the Serpentis threat and possible responses we as a community, militia, and alliance, can take against them.

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