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Wormhole space tournament: Last week to join!

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Statistics from the warzone. . .

The Grinding Gears of War Source: X Axis is in months. Since the graph is a monthly chart, we’re only seeing the first 12 days of January; history hasn’t finished being written. After a summer lull, action picked up again in the fall/winter months with a massive spike in Isk destroyed during december, topping […]

Total Victory!

Freedom, Forever Ladistier fell yesterday to combined Federal Defense Union Militia forces numbering roughly 200 active combat pilots. It was a proud moment for all of us that have worked so long to rid the Ladistier system of its Caldari occupiers. This has now brought the state of the war to a complete and total […]

Liberation of Teimo (December)

We had a rather epic fight for the taking of Teimo last month; This probably marks the last serious effort of Caldari Militia resistance to our steamrolling of their systems. I will be posting a wrap-up blog post of the various events of the past month and a recapitulation of the entire year. Stay tuned! […]