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Kinakka Liberated

Kinakka system, one of the most active bases of operations for the Caldari State militia and various pirate groups such as Sniggwaffe, has been liberated this morning by a combined Gallente Militia coalition fleet.

A number of days of continuous struggle and combat culminated in the final attack on the infrastructure hub in the early hours of the day after server downtime.

Perunga, Thanatos Marathon, Crosi Wesdo, and Julianus Soter fleet commanded around the clock in the last day of combat for the system. The Caldari, under The Bloc and Templis CALSF, bravely resisted, with Corax and Merlin fleets. It was in the end, however, not enough to stem the tide.

A snapshot of the combat in the final days of the system’s liberation is shown below…

Kinakka System Killboard

Battle Report for Kinakka system



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