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The Wreckoning of Saranen

DRUNK THRASHER FRIDAY SHALL COME TO SARANEN. We are marshaling our space forces in the Vlillirier system, at 22:00 evetime. Thrashers will be provided to all that attend. Please prepare yourselves for the chaos to ensue. Thrasher fitting (or similar, t1 guns works well): [Thrasher, BeeKiller] Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution […]

A time for liberation: Pure Blind

For four years, the Villore Accords alliance has been killing the Caldari State Militia in faction warfare. 8.56 trillion isk destroyed, 136,533 ships killed. And so long as this alliance lives, it will keep killing Caldari. After all, Omnem Diem Loligo Leto, “I kill squid every day” is our motto. Today, however, the targets have […]