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A time for liberation: Pure Blind

For four years, the Villore Accords alliance has been killing the Caldari State Militia in faction warfare. 8.56 trillion isk destroyed, 136,533 ships killed. And so long as this alliance lives, it will keep killing Caldari. After all, Omnem Diem Loligo Leto, “I kill squid every day” is our motto.

Today, however, the targets have changed. We get action with the Caldari, but much less than usual, either because we’ve hunted them to extinction or because they have fled to other locations or timezones.

Instead, what we see more and more often in our homes of Black Rise and Placid is an unending tide of FCON, GoonSwarm, and other CFC/Imperium filth from the adjacent nullsec regions. This picked up substantially after the announcement of the “VICEROY PROGRAM” by The Mittani.

This killed PVP in the lowsec areas. We saw a massive decline in larger fleet engagements, as people moved into smaller, faster-moving fleet compositions to avoid gatecamps and large nullsec blobs. This in turn reduced the amount of conflict. The nullsec blobs were not effective in killing us, but they made the gameplay in our area boring.

And now WOLRD WAR BEE is upon us.

Nullsec territory to the north of Placid and Black Rise is being shattered. Thousands of players fight every day over the control of stations, TCUs, and IHUBS as the Imperium appears to be on the brink of collapse. Time to take a slice of vengeance for ourselves.

To reward our Goonswarm and Imperium/CFC ‘friends’ for their annoying intervention in lowsec, GMVA will be taking our battle-hardened T1 frigate pilots into Pure Blind, and kill every single CFC/Imperium ship we can get our hands on.

We’re happy to blue up with anyone that wishes to have us on their side. Just Evemail Julianus Soter in-game.

And if you want a piece of the action, to possibly claim a little chunk of sov, or just to kill goons, chat us up to join the fun.

See you out there.

-Julianus Soter

For diplomacy, join “GMVA Public”.

For recruitment to Moira, join “M.Public Channel”

For Gallente Rebels Inc. “Rebels Bar”

Eleutherian Guard, our RP Pro-Gallente corp, “Eleutheria”

Hildco Interplanetar, our German corp, “Hildco Chat”




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