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Villore Accords expedition to Drifter Redoubt, J174618

Villore Accords expedition to Drifter Redoubt, J174618

[16:54:39] J174618 accessed via Oicx, Gallente/Caldari warzone, Placid Region. Captain’s log: Julianus Soter commanding VAS Discovery, a Helios-class covert ops. Patrolling the various systems in the region for Drifter-constructed “Unknown Wormholes”, I finally struck success. The Oicx system, directly adjacent to our headquarters of Vlillirier, had at least two wormholes open, and I decided to take […]

The Creation of the Villore Assembly

((This post is an out-of-character ‘normal talk’ post, that goes into some of the fun backstory of why the Villore Assembly was made, what it’s supposed to do, and why you should join! Grab a beer and pull up a comfy chair, it’s story time.)) The Villore Accords was an alliance founded to help shore […]

Technical analysis of Jovian Observatory in the Alsavoinon system, Placid region

((This post is in-character, as Julianus Soter is an experienced engineer. He’s writing this report to benefit fellow researchers. Click the images for an expanded view.))   Between the numerous battles in the Gallente/Caldari war, and the Pirate war being waged in the Black Rise and Placid regions, I did a lengthy camera survey of […]


  What is the Villore Accords? We are an alliance that was founded in January, 2012, around a few simple ideas: That the Gallente Militia needed a strong front to hold our space and defend it against the Caldari Militia, and that there needed to be a strong and effective leadership structure in the chaotic and […]