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The Creation of the Villore Assembly

((This post is an out-of-character ‘normal talk’ post, that goes into some of the fun backstory of why the Villore Assembly was made, what it’s supposed to do, and why you should join! Grab a beer and pull up a comfy chair, it’s story time.))

The Villore Accords was an alliance founded to help shore up the defenses of Gallente Militia Space against pirates, the Caldari Militia, and random nullsec blobs that occasionally roamed through and tried to wreck our stuff. It was actually founded as a kind of roleplaying organization too, as we took our name from the home of the Federation Senate, Villore. We even had fancy documentation, charters, and forum posts about our support for Democracy and the Gallente way of life. Hilarious fun.

However, over the years, the PVP focus of our alliance has taken center stage. The warzone is incredibly chaotic and there are dozens if not hundreds of corporations, alliances, and players fighting in Black Rise and Placid, our main base of operations. I and some other friends in the alliance decided to get together and get in touch with our Roleplaying roots once again.

I was actually down in Austin, Texas, about six hours deep in a day drinking marathon session with my buddies Rinai Vero and Kehmar Tsutola, both Moira corporation members I was visiting, and we hatched a plan. We decided to create a unofficial ‘assembly’ organization, that would allow any roleplayers to join, with votes, procedures, and actions that would try to impact and change the way the Eve Online Lore and in particular the Gallente Federation storyline unfolded.

For many years the Gallente Roleplaying community has been largely stagnated; I did not have the energy to run both an RP community and a PVP alliance simultaneously, and nobody else seemed that interested in  doing anything on a grand scale. So, this kind of collaborative ‘assembly’ atmosphere seemed like a perfect solution. We could appoint committees, officers, and generally just hang out and chat about the awesome day to day story events that CCP would come up with in Eve Online. We managed to get some of the other alliance members to participate, as well, and we wrote a forum post. The Villore Assembly was formed. We’re using Slack as a great way to conduct our Roleplay in a collaborative setting.

Since then, it’s been an interesting roller coaster of fun through the summer duldrums. We actually managed to end a civil war nobody knew about, and we’ve diversified the Assembly’s leadership with better timezone coverage with Xun Yu taking Vice Chair.

If any of this sounds fun or interesting to you, just evemail Julianus Soter or Xun Yu for access to the Slack server. This is obviously a Gallente-focused roleplaying group, and citizens of the Gallente Federation will get voting rights on major legislation; but anyone and everyone can participate and observe, so long as you do it in a constructive or collaborative mindset.

We have three main goals with this effort:

  1. Resurrect some honest-to-goodness RP activity in the Gallente Federation sphere of the Eve Online Lore.
  2. Become a center of RP collaboration between multiple groups, sort of a ‘hub’ of sorts.
  3. Encourage CCP to take action by showing that the RP community is alive and growing, and start storylines both within the Gallente Federation and between the Fed and other factions as well.

So we’ll see where this goes. Should be an interesting year to come. Join up and enjoy the ride.



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