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I’m going to post the internal alliance evemail that our amazing co-captain Katherine Austrene wrote at the end of our 3-2 alliance tournament run. I’ll post my thoughts afterwards as well.


When I joined Moira. about 10 months ago I had never imagined leading us into the Alliance Tournament, let alone coming in the top 12. Just think about that for a second, on out first attempt at the AT we placed above at least 52 other teams!

None of them were really pushovers either, we did better than teams such as:

> The-Culture
> Mercenary Coalition
> LowSechnaya
> Snuffed Out
> Hard Knocks
> Templis CALSF
> A Band Apart
> SO many more

We did this with roughly 12 members in the final team, with just a month or two of practice and with in-game skills being a real limiting factor for many doctrines. We took a fleet that was repeatedly laughed at by commentators and made them eat their words.

I’d like to thank the following pilots in particular for their monumental efforts in the AT effort:

Julianus Soter – blap blap HFI alpha, brilliant support wing target caller
Aster Vinland – The quartermaster of dreams, better supply line than a conveyor belt
S’enah Fohre – Mr Cerberus and Hero Orthrus
Malmar Padecain – Zoom zoom Cruor, actually good at this game. Can read better than me
Jasek Steiner – Honey badger, holds the AT paintbrush
Saint Michaels Soul – “Reload’s finishing in 321, he’s in trouble” -Hero Barghest
Nariyu – Literally the best logi pilot this game as ever seen
Jim Tsero – #Moabuddy 😀
Bianca Shi – Glass cannon, actually has cov-ops skills!
Nihilaus Vause – rhiload: “we had tryhard setups. and u roll up in machs like. waddup”
Fenris Dallocort – Cheerleader and super sub
Felix De’Viance – Because I need to argue with SOMEONE about theory

~~ Dream Team ~~

GMVA has walked away from this competition over 100 billion ISK better off in skins and PLEX prizes. As Niden said, we “literally schooled the entire AT meta”, we’re pretty damn good. Being in the top 12 we do also get an invite back next year along with the big boys, looks like CCP want to see more of us 😉

Here are a few of the videos from the tournament, you can find the commentary on Youtube easily.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ7Ol6A3tto (SOLAR FLEET)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh0a4O-4WyY (A Band Apart)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQu2mJeM87k (404 Alliance Not Found)

I look forward to seeing more of your take part next year, it’s going to be quite nice to fly about in AT ships once we win.


My heartfelt thanks goes out to Kath and the rest of the awesome GMVA team that made our performance this tournament one of the most incredible experiences in Eve Online I have ever participated in. We had an absolutely stunning first weekend of the tournament. The second weekend definitely started coming up against much more challenging fights with V0LTA and Paisti Syndicate, both previously long-time Alliance Tournament champions/top 8 competitors.

Our guys had a ton of fun, and Kath did an amazing job leading our team through some challenging matches as our main-damage target caller. We broke our fleet command into two halves, basically. Kath would direct the Battleship/cruiser DPS, while I directed our EWAR/Target Paints and anti-small ship DPS. This worked quite well because it allowed us to divide our focus and attention, allowing us to complete multiple kills at the same time, and winning fights faster and more cleanly than they would be otherwise.

As Katherine mentions in her evemail, we were largely limited in the doctrines we could field by the quantity of pilots, skillpoints, and time commitments for training we could schedule. We had to be extremely creative in how to get our DPS, EHP, resistance profiles, range control, and maneuverability to the point where we could be effective against multiple standard-issue cookie-cutter fleets.

We also had to fight a huge amount of mind-gaming that was being conducted by the Alliance Tournament commentators and ‘establishment’ elite PVP groups out there, who were commenting that our base doctrine was total shit and wouldn’t survive 2 matches, let alone 5. You can see this quite easily when you review the EVE NT video streams of our matches, which I’ve attached below as comparison to our internal voice comms recordings.

This caused me to wake up Sunday morning and reconsider our anti-support efforts. Seeking to shake up our meta late in the tournament, with no practices to support the new ship selections, primarily substituting our battle-tested Hurricane Fleet issue for a Bifrost, Cerberus, and Rook combo. This probably helped cause us to underperform. Also, Rapid Heavy missiles suck.

Regardless, hindsight is 20/20. Every single one of our pilots is totally committed and excited about participating in the tournament next year. Thanks to our honorable competitors for great fights, TEMPLIS CALSF, PFR, and ABA for being practice partners with us, and to the tireless support of our epic alliance members that cheered us on. Until next time.

First Match:

EVE NT TV commentator stream:

Second Match:

EVE NT commentator stream:

Third Match:

EVE NT commentator stream:

Fourth Match:

Fifth Match:


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