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Announcement: Formation of Moira Corp “Libertas Cell”

Combat in the recent weeks in the critical Federation border zone of Placid Region has proven that the key to victory is coverage across many different times of day and night. Our enemies attack during the weakest time zones. They threaten our way of life and innocent Federation citizens. It is time for that to end.

With this in mind, Moira. Corporation is announcing the creation of a new subdivision, the “Libertas Cell”. Pilots available to play from the critical eve times of 06:00 to 18:00 will be allowed to apply and join Moira. Corporation, with significant incentives. No skill point restrictions or other requirements besides the ability to use TS3, Slack, and a deep thirst to kill the Caldari that dare touch our systems.

Fleet Commanders that join and form fleets to defend our territory from Caldari invasion will be rewarded with Skill Injectors that will enhance your abilities and speed your growth as a combat pilot. All necessary combat ships will of course be provided for free, to turn back this tide of tyranny. The highest ranked Libertas Cell pilot for each WEEK will be granted a PLEX to allow for Omega clone activation or other personal use.

If you are interested, please contact Julianus Soter or Katherine Austrene by eve-mail. We will conduct interview Saturday and Sunday.

Existing Moira. pilots that wish to use this program and can operate in this timezone can evemail Julianus Soter or Katherine Austrene to indicate your interest. You will be granted the “Libertas Cell” title and be allowed to participate in these critical contests.

Glory to the Federation. Freedom forever.



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