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Following an intense effort by the Caldari State Militia to occupy large swathes of sovereign Gallente Federation territory in Black Rise and Placid regions, the Villore Accords launched a lightning counter-attack in the Vlillirier system, taking the defending Caldari Militia and allied pirate groups by surprise. The system was flipped in the course of two days, following a secret meeting of Villore Accords pilots that Sunday. Key GMVA allies Smile n’ Wave, BEBOP, XMETA, AIDER, and GOG helped drive the caldari defenders back to their citadels and secure the system. Over the course of the push, more than 1000 ships were destroyed in intense combat. Thanks again to the loyal Federation combat pilots that participated in this victory.

Statistics from this offensive are available here.

Alliance killboard statistics, which includes this offensive, here.

Here are some images from the warzone.

2017-01-18-03-53-15 2017-01-18-03-53-04 2017-01-18-03-44-48 2017-01-17-23-34-22 2017-01-13-23-38-22 2017-01-12-21-32-212017-01-18-04-44-49



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