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GMVA Nullsec Operations Begin. Operation Emancipation declared.


Following a period of patrols and reconnaissance missions across multiple regions of space bordering Gallente Federation territory, the Villore Accords has declared a start of Operation Emancipation.

Emancipation; noun: the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation.
For far too long our world has been divided between “lowsec” and “nullsec” groups, we have been taught and trained that lowsec Alliances and Corporations, particularly ones that participate in Faction Warfare, should know their place, and be condemned to live forever in their tiny corners of Faction Warfare lowsec. I declare an end to that policy, today. We shall not be enslaved to one form of combat operations, we will not be limited in our targets, we will not be restricted to one region of space.
By roaming beyond Federation borders, we will be able to bring our mission of freedom through firepower to all of New Eden. We will leave no world unvisited, no system untouched. Capsuleers that are so arrogant as to ‘claim’ territory in these null sec systems will be properly educated just how far their power reaches. We will ruthlessly pillage “ratting” systems, we will interdict supply lines, and we will make a mockery of their empires.
If you wish to join us in our cause, bring your corporation into GMVA, or join Moira Corporation directly. We are recruiting.
Stay tuned for further updates and plansĀ as they are announced.
Good Hunting,
Julianus Soter
CEO of Moira Corporation

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