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Moira is recruiting… complete the new recruitment questionnaire!

With our changing operations and new doors opening in nullsec, we are actively recruiting interested PVP pilots. I’ve created an entirely new recruitment questionnaire, with a set of questions aimed at seeing how much you know about Eve Online PvP tactics, while also introducing you to our corporation and our day to day operations. Fill it out now.

There are more than one correct answer. Don’t stress if you don’t know the exact answer. The more effort put into the application, the more likely it will rise to the top of our list for interviews and application approvals.

New players will be relocated into our base of operations in Lowsec, and ships can be provided to get you started on your path to PVP glory. Always undock. Always roam. Always fight.

If you have any questions, contact Julianus Soter in-game for more information.



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