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[GMVA] Petition to Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime, RE: SEMIKI

To: Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime
From: Villore Accords Command: Julianus Soter, Director
Subject: Triglavian Hostage Crisis in Semiki

The past several weeks many within the Gallente Federation have watched with horror as the situation within Semiki has deteriorated, matching only the sense of dread that occured during the Kyonoke Plague outbreak.

Federation citizens, working overseas, to further expand their opportunities and personal prosperity, have become contaminated with an insidious datavirus that appears to have been introduced by way of the Rogue Drones being processed within the Simiki system.

The symptoms of this datavirus are accelerating and may cause significant, lethal harm to those affected, particularly as this infection spread to critical station infrastructure and systems.

As these citizens are protected by the Constitution and Laws of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime, the Villore Accords alliance formally petitions the Gallente Senate to address the issue directly and allocate all possible resources to resolve the threat to life and property within the Semiki system. We cannot stand idly by while tens of thousands of Federation citizens are annihilated by an advanced artificial intelligence that is now plaguing them.

We also call upon the Senate to address these concerns to the Federation representative of the Inner Council, to move CONCORD to release more public information regarding this crisis. A failure of CONCORD to publicly address this issue indicates a grave breach of public trust that compromises Federation democratic processes and endangers the entirety of New Eden.

Julianus Soter
Director, Villore Accords

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