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[GMVA] Petition to Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime, RE: SEMIKI

[GMVA] Petition to Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime, RE: SEMIKI

To: Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime From: Villore Accords Command: Julianus Soter, Director Subject: Triglavian Hostage Crisis in Semiki The past several weeks many within the Gallente Federation have watched with horror as the situation within Semiki has deteriorated, matching only the sense of dread that occured during the Kyonoke Plague […]

PVP Fittings 101 Stream Recording

Hey all, Here’s the stream recording for my PVP Fittings 101 discussion. Feel free to check it out here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/130508273 Thanks, Soter

Streaming the warzone to the comfort of your Captain’s Quarters…

In case you haven’t heard, I have started streaming almost all GMVA operations live on this channel: https://www.twitch.tv/jules_soter/ Come check us out! I’ll try to announce the fleets and streams in advance over my twitter account. Hope to see you all there. I try to remain interactive and answer questions. If you have any comments […]

Moira is recruiting… complete the new recruitment questionnaire!

With our changing operations and new doors opening in nullsec, we are actively recruiting interested PVP pilots. I’ve created an entirely new recruitment questionnaire, with a set of questions aimed at seeing how much you know about Eve Online PvP tactics, while also introducing you to our corporation and our day to day operations. Fill it […]

GMVA Nullsec Operations Begin. Operation Emancipation declared.

GMVA Nullsec Operations Begin. Operation Emancipation declared.

Following a period of patrols and reconnaissance missions across multiple regions of space bordering Gallente Federation territory, the Villore Accords has declared a start of Operation Emancipation. Emancipation; noun: the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation. For far too long our world has been divided between “lowsec” […]


Following an intense effort by the Caldari State Militia to occupy large swathes of sovereign Gallente Federation territory in Black Rise and Placid regions, the Villore Accords launched a lightning counter-attack in the Vlillirier system, taking the defending Caldari Militia and allied pirate groups by surprise. The system was flipped in the course of two days, […]

Scenes from the raging battles of Faction Warfare

Captured a lot of great screenshots the past few weeks during the never-ending combat in Placid and Black Rise regions.  

Announcement: Formation of Moira Corp “Libertas Cell”

Combat in the recent weeks in the critical Federation border zone of Placid Region has proven that the key to victory is coverage across many different times of day and night. Our enemies attack during the weakest time zones. They threaten our way of life and innocent Federation citizens. It is time for that to […]

GMVA is Recruiting

This might be your first time researching alliances or corporations to join. Perhaps you want to dip your toes in Faction Warfare and are trying to see who would be a good fit. Or maybe you’re a long-time Eve Online veteran, desperately searching for that group with a different philosophy than the others: a group […]


I’m going to post the internal alliance evemail that our amazing co-captain Katherine Austrene wrote at the end of our 3-2 alliance tournament run. I’ll post my thoughts afterwards as well.   When I joined Moira. about 10 months ago I had never imagined leading us into the Alliance Tournament, let alone coming in the […]