[GMVA] Petition to Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime, RE: SEMIKI

[GMVA] Petition to Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime, RE: SEMIKI

To: Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime From: Villore Accords Command: Julianus Soter, Director Subject: Triglavian Hostage Crisis in Semiki The past several weeks many within the Gallente Federation have watched with horror as the situation within Semiki has deteriorated, matching only the sense of dread that occured during the Kyonoke Plague […]

GMVA is Recruiting

This might be your first time researching alliances or corporations to join. Perhaps you want to dip your toes in Faction Warfare and are trying to see who would be a good fit. Or maybe you’re a long-time Eve Online veteran, desperately searching for that group with a different philosophy than the others: a group […]

A time for liberation: Pure Blind

For four years, the Villore Accords alliance has been killing the Caldari State Militia in faction warfare. 8.56 trillion isk destroyed, 136,533 ships killed. And so long as this alliance lives, it will keep killing Caldari. After all, Omnem Diem Loligo Leto, “I kill squid every day” is our motto. Today, however, the targets have […]

Personnel Update: New US TZ Alliance Recruitment Diplomat

Rinai Vero is now our official Deputy US TZ Diplomat for Alliance Recruitment. He’s been with our alliance off and on for roughly 4 years now, with an excellent combat record to match. On that note, the Villore Accords is actively recruiting interested US and EU timezone corporations. We are based in the Vlillirier system […]

New Video: Freedom Unbowed

Mashup of video from Juliade and myself from recent PVP. Check it out! Will be making more videos in the future, hopefully with improving quality. . .

Pew pew vids: Fallen Supremacy

Back at it on the blog! Sorry for being away, work has been killing me lately. This is a vid made by Haulas of Fallen Supremacy. Check it out!  

Total Victory!

Freedom, Forever Ladistier fell yesterday to combined Federal Defense Union Militia forces numbering roughly 200 active combat pilots. It was a proud moment for all of us that have worked so long to rid the Ladistier system of its Caldari occupiers. This has now brought the state of the war to a complete and total […]