Announcement: Formation of Moira Corp “Libertas Cell”

Combat in the recent weeks in the critical Federation border zone of Placid Region has proven that the key to victory is coverage across many different times of day and night. Our enemies attack during the weakest time zones. They threaten our way of life and innocent Federation citizens. It is time for that to […]

GMVA is Recruiting

This might be your first time researching alliances or corporations to join. Perhaps you want to dip your toes in Faction Warfare and are trying to see who would be a good fit. Or maybe you’re a long-time Eve Online veteran, desperately searching for that group with a different philosophy than the others: a group […]


I’m going to post the internal alliance evemail that our amazing co-captain Katherine Austrene wrote at the end of our 3-2 alliance tournament run. I’ll post my thoughts afterwards as well.   When I joined Moira. about 10 months ago I had never imagined leading us into the Alliance Tournament, let alone coming in the […]

Battle of Tartarus: Astrahus Siege in G5-EN3

((This is a fairly in-character report from my EVE online character, Julianus Soter. As such, the battle report and background are written from a in-universe perspective. Elements of game mechanics and such are smoothed over for the purposes of storytelling. TL:DR battle report here)) Outer Ring, a desolate expanse of space out past the tumultuous […]

Villore Accords expedition to Drifter Redoubt, J174618

Villore Accords expedition to Drifter Redoubt, J174618

[16:54:39] J174618 accessed via Oicx, Gallente/Caldari warzone, Placid Region. Captain’s┬álog: Julianus Soter commanding VAS Discovery, a Helios-class covert ops. Patrolling the various systems in the region for Drifter-constructed “Unknown Wormholes”, I finally struck success. The Oicx system, directly adjacent to our headquarters of Vlillirier, had at least two wormholes open, and I decided to take […]

The Creation of the Villore Assembly

((This post is an out-of-character ‘normal talk’ post, that goes into some of the fun backstory of why the Villore Assembly was made, what it’s supposed to do, and why you should join! Grab a beer and pull up a comfy chair, it’s story time.)) The Villore Accords was an alliance founded to help shore […]

Technical analysis of Jovian Observatory in the Alsavoinon system, Placid region

((This post is in-character, as Julianus Soter is an experienced engineer. He’s writing this report to benefit fellow researchers. Click the images for an expanded view.))   Between the numerous battles in the Gallente/Caldari war, and the Pirate war being waged in the Black Rise and Placid regions, I did a lengthy camera survey of […]