New Video: Freedom Unbowed

Mashup of video from Juliade and myself from recent PVP. Check it out! Will be making more videos in the future, hopefully with improving quality. . .

Pew pew vids: Fallen Supremacy

Back at it on the blog! Sorry for being away, work has been killing me lately. This is a vid made by Haulas of Fallen Supremacy. Check it out!  

Quick battleship gank. . .

Was FC’ing a short two hour roam on Saturday, fac war zone is always full of weird/fun situations like this…

Embedding, how does it work? (Fixed vids)

Finally got around to updating the older posts with correct embedded youtube video. Enjoy at your leisure 🙂

Battle in Kinakka

One of our fleet fights against a battlecruiser fleet in the Kinakka system. We flew in with cruisers; after the changes, they’re capable of holding their own!

Federation Navy Comet Roam

Awesome little frigates. Roam was done before Retribution expansion. Myself and glitch lampshade fc’ed. 😀

Cowboy Evebop

From one our alliance CEO’s, Gimble Revo 😀