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Villore Accords Statement of Principles

It has been around a year since I last posted here; a great deal has occurred on the vast Gallente-Caldari frontier. Hundreds of Thousands of lives lost, systems changing hands numerous times. For now, the forces of Freedom have the upper hand, and the Gallente Federation has prevailed against the corporate tyrannies of the Caldari State.

It is fitting, then, to take this opportunity to make a statement of who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

The Villore Accords is a voluntary union of several Gallente Militia corporations, with the aspiration of achieving broad-based success against the Caldari State. Our pilots are diverse, with numerous cultural backgrounds, united in this purpose. We are not a conscript army. There are no mandatory operations, no corporation membership fees, or other shackles common to the nullsec regions. Every capsuleer inside this alliance is here because they view the Caldari State as a severe threat to the stability and harmony of the Federation Frontier. We are a stabilizing force -along with our friends and allies in the FDU- that restricts the growth of both corporatism and pirate activity.

Reports from our fleets, our operations, and editorials from our pilots, will be posted to this news page to provide context and information about the warzone. If you wish to participate and drive back the forces of corporate greed and despotism, let me, Julianus Soter know. I’ll be happy to discuss your future within our alliance.




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New Video: Freedom Unbowed

Mashup of video from Juliade and myself from recent PVP. Check it out!

Will be making more videos in the future, hopefully with improving quality. . .

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Pew pew vids: Fallen Supremacy

Back at it on the blog! Sorry for being away, work has been killing me lately.

This is a vid made by Haulas of Fallen Supremacy. Check it out!


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Wormhole space tournament: Last week to join!

Fill out this form to get your team registered!


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Statistics from the warzone. . .

The Grinding Gears of War

Source: http://gmva.eve-kill.net/


X Axis is in months. Since the graph is a monthly chart, we’re only seeing the first 12 days of January; history hasn’t finished being written.

After a summer lull, action picked up again in the fall/winter months with a massive spike in Isk destroyed during december, topping 200 billion isk.

In terms of pure spaceship destruction, the month of December was by far the highest, with more than 2600 ships destroyed.

We are also pleased to report that for every single month since the founding of the alliance, we have maintained a 70% or higher combat efficiency rate.

More to be done…

Overall, 2012 has been an excellent year for our fledgling alliance, here’s to another fantastic year in 2013!

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Total Victory!

Freedom, Forever

Ladistier fell yesterday to combined Federal Defense Union Militia forces numbering roughly 200 active combat pilots. It was a proud moment for all of us that have worked so long to rid the Ladistier system of its Caldari occupiers.

This has now brought the state of the war to a complete and total territorial victory for the Federation. While Ev0ke and other Caldari Militia hold-out corporations try to regain lost ground in Black Rise, we have successfully proven that the Gallente can take and hold the vast majority of space along these border regions, working together as an effective and diverse fighting force, no matter our differences in style, tactics, and leadership.

Let us celebrate and remember the hard work of all those that have contributed to make this day happen.


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Liberation of Teimo (December)

We had a rather epic fight for the taking of Teimo last month; This probably marks the last serious effort of Caldari Militia resistance to our steamrolling of their systems.

I will be posting a wrap-up blog post of the various events of the past month and a recapitulation of the entire year. Stay tuned! 😀

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Quick battleship gank. . .

Was FC’ing a short two hour roam on Saturday, fac war zone is always full of weird/fun situations like this…

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Embedding, how does it work? (Fixed vids)

Finally got around to updating the older posts with correct embedded youtube video. Enjoy at your leisure 🙂

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Battle in Kinakka

One of our fleet fights against a battlecruiser fleet in the Kinakka system. We flew in with cruisers; after the changes, they’re capable of holding their own!