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Quick battleship gank. . .

Was FC’ing a short two hour roam on Saturday, fac war zone is always full of weird/fun situations like this…

Battle in Kinakka

One of our fleet fights against a battlecruiser fleet in the Kinakka system. We flew in with cruisers; after the changes, they’re capable of holding their own!

Enaluri Liberated! Ishaga Constellation Secure

For the first time in a number of months, the heavily fortified Enaluri system was made vulnerable by Federal Defense Union forces and the Infrastructure Hub taken. There was some token resistance by local Caldari militia, as the primary alliances who had controlled the system evacuated over the past two days. One part of this […]

Liberation of Hallanen

The Hallanen system was taken today by combined Dark Rising, GMVA, and other FDU forces. There was minimal Caldari militia resistance, as most of their major alliances seem to have left the area, towards null sec regions in the South of the cluster. So far this month, GMVA forces have participated in or directly caused […]

The Attack on Evaulon VII: The Bombardment of Rilnais

Last week the New Eden Cluster bore witness to a horrific spectacle. Shortly after 19:30 Yulai Standard Time, on November 29th, a Serpentis Corporation capital ship fleet, supported by Guardian Angel craft, launched a second assault on the Evaulon system, following the departure of Federation reinforcements from the area. This taskforce landed troops on sovreign […]